Stylespiration Spring/Summer

I’ve been diving into various magazine’s, websites and of course blogs to get a glimps of what’s hot on trend right now or what’s going to be, and I’ve collected some of the nicest streetstyle outfits from the last couple of fashion weeks. I’m totally in love with some outfits, and I really want to share them with you!

This is probably the most comfortable outfit ever. I love the jumper. The thick lace and the nude color makes it so easy and fun to style. Jumper Isabel Marant.

I mean… YEEES! I love the bag which has the colors of het outfit in it, what makes it even more of a beautiful, cool girl look. Of course, I’m a big fan of flare jeans, so this outfit can’t be missed in my favorite looks.

I just freaking love the skirt. No other words needed.

Great look for the talls gals here. The long coat is so chic, and the trousers really make the outfit.

I’m such a big fan off coats, I don’t know why. And those shoes (hearteyes)!  It’s such an effortless look, it looks so smart.

If you really know me, you know that I love khaki. It’s my favorite color for outfits. It is so cool and with that bag, it’s gorgeous! Also, the transparant heels give a nice touch too.


With a  pop of color, you can come a long way. Her matching red nails complete the whole look. Minimalistic jewelry is also a really cool detail.

Some day, I will go to a lot of fashion weeks to, but for now, I’m adoring all of the beautifull outfits I come across.
Which look is your favorite?
XOXO Suzette



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