How I edit my instagram pictures

Happy monday! 

Today I want to show you how I edit my instagram pictures. I’m in love with photography, and I like to share my passion on the gram. I often get questions about which apps I use, and which filters, so today, I’m gonna show you!

I have a lot of apps, I really don’t know why, I’m just in for trying new ones. The one I use most is VSCO cam. It is my favorite because you can recreate your instagram feed, so you can see if I filter fits in your theme.  


What filter I use, also depends on what picture I’m using. I’m choosing a random picture that I’m going to edit for you.  

HB2 is my most used filter, it gives a kind of blue effect.

After that I change my brightness, with some pictures, I don’t like it to be very dark.  

I also change my contrast to give my pictures some more detail.

And finally, the temperature. I normally make it look a bit more yellow. That creates some warmth.

This is how I edit most of my pictures! I hope you guys liked this, and make sure you follow me on instagram to look at all of my pictures! @suzetteadriana

XOXO Suzette

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