2016, The New Chapter

It’s currently 10 o’clock when I’m writing this post. And 2015 is almost over…this year went by so so fast.

I’ve had moments of laughter, but also moments of sadness. 2015 was a good year, with a lot of moments I want to remember. I shared a lot of experiences with my friends and family, and I’m very happy I have them in my life and I can share it with them all. At the beginning at the year, I set some goals, and I actually don’t know if I accomplished them, but that doesn’t even matter, because I’m happy where I am now. I feel that I’ve grown as a person and I learned a lot about loyalty and acceptation. I have set a lot of goals for 2016 and a few things I want to do different this year. Maybe I will achieve them, maybe not, but either way, I will work my ass off to get where I want to be. Even if you get knocked down to the ground, and you don’t think it’s worth it anymore, get up, keep your head held high, and try again. 

2016 is going to be an amazing year, I feel it. You’ll see! I hope you all have an amazing year filled with love. Maybe meet some new people, go on new adventures! I send you all my love!

Happy New Year! 

XOXO Suzette

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