Eight things I love about fall

Hi everyone! Long time no see. I’ve been really busy with school lately and I’m trying to figure out what day is best for me to post. Butttt, I’m starting again and  I have lot’s of fun ideas :). 

Fall is my all time favorite season. So today I’m sharing my top 10 things I love about fall.

1. Dark eye make up

I love dark. To be honest, I want to wear dark make up all year round. I personally love brown, matte eyeshadow. (Think about Kylie Jenner’s gorgeous eye make up 😍). I’m going to do an Kylie Jenner inspired make up tutorial, so stay tuned! 

2. Intense lips

Red. Red. Red. Red is my favorite color for this season. I usually wear rebel or ruby woo by mac during this time of the year. I really recommend those two. 

3. Cozy clothing

Do I need to say more?!

4. Three letters. PSL (typical white girl off course)
If you haven’t had a pumkin spice latte… Girl you’ve been missing out on something! It’s only available at starbucks during fall (and I think winter, I’m not sure). 

5. The weather
For the people who live in Cali or another place where it’s hot all the time, I’m sorry for you. I loveeee the cold and rainy weather.

6. Netflix marathon

Uhmm… we all tend to watch netflix all the time because we have an excuse to stay inside when it’s raining. Am I right?

7. Shopping

It get colder, we wear more clothes. Great excuse to go crazy while shopping 😉 .

8. Halloween

I hate it that we don’t really celebrate this holiday here in The Netherlands, but I still love it. 

Leave a comment down bellow saying what you like about fall! 

XOXO Suzette

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