M•A•C Phosphor Escent Sheen Supreme Lipstick

Hello everyone! This is my first post in English, I hope you like it.

I went shopping yesterday and I went to MAC, wich is my favorite make-up brand. They have so many nice products.
I saw the limited edition line ‘moody blooms’. When I saw the lipsticks, I knew it was love at first sight haha. I bought the one that I liked the most and now, I’m here writing about it on my blog.

The lipstick is called ‘Phosopher Escent and it’s a really beautiful pink-ish coral color, wich is very nice for summer. The lipstick looks very luxurious, what I like to have in my stash.


The texture of the lipstick is pleasant, if you don’t like dry lipsticks, than the sheen supreme lipstick is something for you. The color isn’t sheer, it really ‘pops’ when you put it on your lips.


The ‘sheen supreme’ idea is not very true I think, MAC says that the finish of the lipsticks are very glossy, that it looks like you’ve put on lipgloss. I don’t see very much of a difference in the normal and the sheen supreme lipsticks. They leave a little shiny finish, but not a glossy effect. Allthough, I really like the lipsticks, I really recommend them. You can buy them for 19,-. The collection is here for a while, so you need to hurry


XOXO Suzette

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